Hi Everyone, as you may be aware Calvary Chapel Newcastle currently leases the building that we use for church services and the lease expires this year. Currently the leadership is in negotiations regarding leases and locations. 

In this current review, the leadership has looked at the options available, as well as the future needs of the church. The outcome of this, is that a change of time to the service is required moving forward. As you would be aware we meet during January at 4pm rather than the usual 10:30am service time. Based on all of the above and feedback, the leadership has decided to continue the 4pm service on an indefinite basis rather than going back in February to the old time.

Whilst this new time for our church service will suit most people, we understand that there maybe some people who this new time will not suit. Hopefully everyone is able to work it out to continue worshipping at Calvary, however if this is not possible, we understand.

Please feel free to talk to Terry or the Elders if you have any questions about the change in service time.

We look forward to continuing to fellowship and worship with you in this exciting next chapter of Calvary Chapel Newcastle at the new 4pm time.

Please feel free to share the news so that everyone is aware.