28th July 2019

Soup Sunday in the church hall immediately after church service finishes.

July 2019

God’s Garden Updates

Sprouts (Preschool age children) group will be starting up again on it’s own from the 28th of July. They will have their own teacher and will be meeting in the creche room. 

Please be aware that there has been a slight change in the collection arrangement for creche and Sprouts children.  We have decided to start taking these children back into service promptly at 5:30PM. This will ensure that the children are back with the parents before service breaks up. There’s been incidences where the creche volunteers have had a hard time locating the parents after church. Thank you for understanding. 
Fruits and Veggies group (school aged children, year 1-6)
We are having fun in our new hall. Please be reminded that the children are taking home with them a “take-home challenge” every week which needs to be signed by a parent if it is completed, and a memory verse at the beginning of the month (for that month). At the end of each month, there will be a chance for the children to choose from the grand prize box IF they have completed 4 take home challenges, and have memorised the memory verse. It would be great if you could encourage your children in this effort! Thanks!